Boston FIG, Centerpoint and space stuff.

Hey Folks,

Last weekend I went to the Boston Festival of Indie Games… hence that lack of a post last week.

I had a fantastic time and I got to meet a lot of really cool people.
It was really energizing to listen to the developers talk about their games.

I felt very much like a guest of honor as each developer(dev) beckoned me over to gave me the elevator pitch of their game as they passed me the controller.
It was a lot fun playing games that were in progress and occasionally hearing the dev sign and say “oh.. that was a bug.” and also telling me what the game will one day be compared to the demo at FIG.
You could tell that these folks had a clear passion for the projects that they are working on and I look forward to seeing how their work progress in the future.

Here are few of the games I got to see/play and Devs I got to meet.

I can not for the life of me find this guy’s site(not working), BUT here is his twitter. He made a really fun rock paper scissors game called “That Rock, Paper, Scrissors Game”

I hate that feeling.. the feeling that I am forgetting something or someone…
If I remember something that I forgot to post today I will post that in my next one.


In other news…

I wasn’t very pleased with the ammo box I posted last time… so I have re-worked the object.
I am a lot happier with this version. The hard edges of the previous one made it read more like a toaster than an ammo pick up.

ammo render003b

An ammo box pick up for the game Centerpoint.


I was also working on some concept art in the theme of “acrobatic astronaut”.

I went at it in a very broad stroke manner and had a lot of fun doing it.
These aren’t for a game they are just exercises.

SpaceConcept01 SpaceConcept02 SpaceConcept03

I’ll be posting here again NEXT weekend… probably Saturday.

4 years

Hey Folks,

I hadn’t quite realized it until very recently.. I’ve been running this blog for 4 years.

I started this blog back in 2010 and I am still doing it.
There have been lulls here and there but I am still honing my craft and sharing it with you.

Primarily this blog was start simply to get me to work.
After graduating college in 2009, I was having to deal with the real world in a very abrupt way.. there was no going back home.. ever.
It was one of the toughest times in my life,  the short of it is I wasn’t doing much art work.

I had piles and piles of half finished models and completely untextured work.

I was floundering around; I didn’t have any deadlines or specific projects.
After failure, after failure to get anything done I decided I needed to give myself a schedule, so I created a weekly blog.
I’d have something to show by the end of each week and it would get me working.

Over the years I’ve needed this blog less and less for motivation and more as a measure of my improvement.
To see where I had been and recognize that I am improving… it’s easy to forget.  ( I am never satisfied with my work)

The thought hadn’t occurred to me when I started that I would still be keeping up with this blog for this long, but it feels nice to have stuck to something for so long.

I’d like to say thank you to my Grandmother who has taken the time read every one of my posts and for being a wonderful person who brightens my world.

I also want to thank my Partner Elise for supporting me for the passed 7 years and coxing me to keep making art.

A thank you to Adam deGrandis for being an awesome friend and 3D art guru.

And thank you to anyone else on the internet who stumbles on this site and has taken time to look at my work.


You can see my finished artworks >here<

You can play Elise’s latest game >here<

You can check out Adam deGrandis’s company >here<


Thank you again,

Catch you next weekend.


More textures and Centerpoint asset

Hey Folks,

I have been hammering away at several projects and I have continued to explore more texturing techniques.


ammo render002

Ammo Box for the game Centerpoint (in progress)

(left) A new texture painting style I am learning and (right) the other style I am working on. These are Assets for an unannounced title.

Spikes for an unannounced title.



Visit my main portfolio site >here<


Catch you next weekend!



Quick Update

Hey Folks,

I am just posting a couple of renders of some recent work.

Crate gibs for Hypovolemia.

Crate gibs for Hypovolemia.

Visual Test

A visual test for an unannounced title.

I’ll catch you next weekend.

Health Pick ups.

Hey Folks,

Sorry there was no update yesterday.
Apparently we had an internet “outage” in my area…  I may need to change ISPs…

Below are a couple of images of assets I’ve been working on.  I am continuing my work on a the “unannounced title” and exploring more texture painting and toony designs.
The other image is of an art submission for the online first person shooter game Centerpoint.  You check it out >here<.

I’ve added a couple of images to my main portfolio site >here<

I will likely be updating a few more things on this site and my portfolio site in the near future.


Art work for unannounced title.


Medkit render002a

Art work submission for the game Centerpoint.

See you next weekend.

Texture Painting!

Hey Folks,

I’ve been at working on a lot of projects recently… included one a as of yet unannounced game.

I am able to share with you some of the recent work I’ve done on the game though.
Each of the textures have been painted in photoshop, rather than photo sourced(manipulated) like most of my other work.
So far I have very much enjoyed the process and it always feels good to gain ground in a new skill set.

caveprops001 portfoliorender01


See you next weekend!



Well Folks,

I have a few irons in the fire but none of them are ready for showing yet…

so you’ll have to check back next Saturday.




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