Hey Folks,

I have a few kinks to work out but, my Shepard Project is nearly complete.

It’s been an embarrassingly long time.

I learned a lot from this project and future projects will not doubt benefit from my time put into this character….
but damn I am ready to done with this one.

I am working on some updates to my portfolio site… more on that later.

ShepFN014net Ashep44 ShepMp5_26See you again on the 17th









Hen Pecked.

The 14th is the new 12th…
Apparently I lost track of my days.


Regrettably, I’ve been busier than I expected lately with things not related to 3D.

I had resorted to hen pecking at my projects getting small bits of work done at a time.

Below are images of my progress.

ShepMp5_6 SniperRifle2 astand2I’ll be posting on the 3rd… see you then.



Big News

Hey Folks,

I have been working steadily on several projects.

Here is a video of Hypovolemia in action. It’s the lastest version and contains a fair bit of my work including those fancy sandbags of mine. 

In other news my work was in a trailer for Artillery’s: Project Atlas.

Here is a link to the game that I was an Assistant Character Modeler on. http://blog.artillery.com/2013/09/project-atlas-and-the-artillery-platform.html

This is my first announced game that I’ve done as a paid gig.  I am pretty excited.
Below are images of Shepard’s Mp5 with grenade launcher still in progress.

ShepMp5_1 ShepMp5_3 ShepMp5_5
I’ve also edited the textures on my “world 1″ piece. There is still a little bit of work to do on that before I can call it done and put in my portfolio.


I’ll post again on the 12th

World 1

I missed my last post due to an eye injury I had recently.

A sliver of metal made it’s way into my eye.
I am thankful to say that the metal has since been removed and I am fully recovered.

Getting back into the swing of things yet again; I participated in a local call for art with the theme of Nintendo.
Given the injury delaying my work I only had about 3 days to get this whipped up.

This is a remake of the Super Mario Bros. 3 map of World 1.

Overall I am happy with it.
I am going to go ahead and clean it up a bit more, add a few details and throw in my portfolio.




IF all goes well,

I’ll be posting again on the 22nd.

Hypovolemia and Shepard

Hey folks,

Below is a link to my sandbag wall model, Now implemented into Hypovolemia.



I’ve also gotten a lot of work done my Shepard model.

AoChange3 withgun2


I’ll be updating again on the 1st.  

I’m back.

Hey Folks,


So this is the first time that I have not updated for a solid month.

I had taken that time off because my cat Link who I had for 15 years passed way.


I’d like to announce that I am back and I will resume my regular update schedule of every other week.

Below are a couple of images of a new asset that I am working for the GAME (no longer being referred to as a mod)  Hypovolemia.

sandbagsVisTest7 sandbagsVisTest9


I had also been work on my soldier character.  I am not quite satisfied with this character I’ll see were it takes me for now.



Anyway, see you on the 18th.

Hey Folks,

I have baked the soldier character… but I ran into a few hick ups that will need to be dealt with.
I’ll be spending some time in photoshop cleaning up some of the errors from the bake and adding a few more details.
It’s been a while since I’ve baked a character this complex, so it’s been a bit of challenge going at this one.

I maybe should have picked a simpler design, but for now i’ll keep working though it.

I have also started work on objects for an unannounced game.
Thankfully I can show you a render of my progress.

Toon Style Objects for an Unannounced project.

Toon Style Objects for an Unannounced project.

See you again on the 30th!


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