One down. Two to go.

Hi folks,

I spent much of last month heavily focused on the art for Instant Roleplay Live.
I made another magic item that a appears in the 3rd video as well the final piece in the series.  While it was fun to work on I am very much ready for something new.


Speaking of…
At the end of this month I’ll will be in a local art show themed on the Legend of Zelda. I am only in the early stages of my painting but I will post what I have got below.
Much to my shame I didn’t really play much of the Zelda franchise until my adulthood.
My piece is based on the game Majora’s Mask, which is one of the darkest in the series both in tone and in overall pallet. I enjoy how the game manages to be dark but also keeps a high level of whimsy and fun going the whole time.  Early in the game a little white dog tormented me to no end and that I what my piece is all about.
I am also working another game… yeah it’s been a while.
This time I am making pixel art. I haven’t touched this type of work in over ten years so this has been a big shift for me. The somewhat recent rise of retro style games has caused a resurgence of pixel art.
There are countless of new games using pixel artwork in them and that doesn’t really seem to be slowing down. Creating pixel art for games is a skill set I really should take the time to learn how to do in today’s gaming market.
For now I am not going to talk too much about the game itself because we are in the very early stages of development.

Thanks for checking this out!

You can check out my Portfolio HERE

You can reach me on Twitter HERE

You can check out Instant Roleplay Live HERE

See you next month!


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