Practice and Illustration

Hi Folks,

I spend much of April settling into my new home and practicing digital painting. I’ve been doing studies like the one below trying to familiarize myself with new methods and material types.


I played in the most recent series of Instant Roleplay Live and after the game I found myself wanting to make some artwork related to it. After hashing out the details with Nick (the guy who ran the game) my work will be featured in this current series of four Instant Roleplay Live episodes.


This project has been a nice challenge for me. Drawing multiple characters in a full scene is something I honestly haven’t done enough of. This has forced me to think about what I am doing on deeper level and do more planning before I start.

It’s actually been a little while since I have done any work on characters and I couldn’t be happier getting back into it. Not working on character has taken it’s toll though. I have been able to identify some problems such as anatomy and that will give me some to focus on correcting. It’s healthy to push your limits… it’s how you can grow as an artist.


I am having a blast working on this stuff. I love playing role playing games and I have found it to be a great source of inspiration.

I did something a little different this time and I recorded myself working on one of the illustrations for Instant Roleplay Live.

You watch watch the video HERE


Thanks for checking this out!

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You can check out Instant Roleplay Live HERE

See you next month!


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