PAXeast and Centerpoint update

Hey Folks,

Sorry for the late update!

I was suddenly handed Sunday tickets to PAXeast by my good friend Adam deGrandis.
This was the first time I had ever been to a convention that large… It was a little overwhelming… but fun.

I got a chance to chat with some developers about their games and their process.
It is really awesome to watch them present something they have spent so much time and effort on.

I will post some links to some of the games I saw at the bottom of this post.



In other news, we have finished version 0.1 of Centerpoint.
It feels great to finally have that milestone accomplished.

We will be releasing the demo to the public in the near future!

…now, onto the next milestone.


Concept Art for Centerpoint


The Construction Beacon tool prop for Centerpoint.



That’s all for now.

You can catch me on Twitter  >here<

You can visit my main Portfolio site >here<

You can Check out the Centerpoint blog >here<



Check out > Starship Empire

Check out > Artizens

Check out >Star Trek: Timelines

Check out > Ironcast

Check out > ThePantomPI


See you again next Monday… for real!


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