Boston FIG, Centerpoint and space stuff.

Hey Folks,

Last weekend I went to the Boston Festival of Indie Games… hence that lack of a post last week.

I had a fantastic time and I got to meet a lot of really cool people.
It was really energizing to listen to the developers talk about their games.

I felt very much like a guest of honor as each developer(dev) beckoned me over to gave me the elevator pitch of their game as they passed me the controller.
It was a lot fun playing games that were in progress and occasionally hearing the dev sign and say “oh.. that was a bug.” and also telling me what the game will one day be compared to the demo at FIG.
You could tell that these folks had a clear passion for the projects that they are working on and I look forward to seeing how their work progress in the future.

Here are few of the games I got to see/play and Devs I got to meet.





I can not for the life of me find this guy’s site(not working), BUT here is his twitter. He made a really fun rock paper scissors game called “That Rock, Paper, Scrissors Game”






I hate that feeling.. the feeling that I am forgetting something or someone…
If I remember something that I forgot to post today I will post that in my next one.


In other news…

I wasn’t very pleased with the ammo box I posted last time… so I have re-worked the object.
I am a lot happier with this version. The hard edges of the previous one made it read more like a toaster than an ammo pick up.

ammo render003b
An ammo box pick up for the game Centerpoint.


I was also working on some concept art in the theme of “acrobatic astronaut”.

I went at it in a very broad stroke manner and had a lot of fun doing it.
These aren’t for a game they are just exercises.

SpaceConcept01 SpaceConcept02 SpaceConcept03

I’ll be posting here again NEXT weekend… probably Saturday.


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