Something Very New, Minecraft Class.

Hey Folks, I have had quite an exhausting week.

I helped teach the first ever Minecraft and Game Design course at the Maine College of Art. The class was a week long Continuing Studies program and was for 9-12 year olds. I had never taught that age group before and to suddenly be thrown into a room of 20 youngsters was an experience I’ll never forget. I am extremely thankful (and lucky) I have the help of my wonderful partner and amazing teacher Elise Smorczewski; who was the primary teacher of the class.

We utilized Minecraft as game to make games and introduced basic game theory concepts. The children learned how to make use of command blocks (using basic scripting language packaged in the game), server commands and red-stone circuits to create their own mini games, exploration/narrative games, puzzles and PVP arenas.

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I was excited to see their work and how the students, working alone and in small teams, approached these ideas. I know many of them couldn’t tell you what they learned and I am sure some of their parents might think they had just spent the day playing Minecraft but these kids DID learn something. They have now been introduced to a basic code language, the importance of syntax within that language, the “finding fun” aspect of game making and they have been introduced to the idea of play testing & critique.


The class went very well aside of the typical technical issues that arise from working with computers. I think the Minecraft and Game Design course will be a great addition to the Continuing Studies program.


Now I go back to my regular day job and freelance schedule.   You can see my portfolio at Alecadams3d.wordpress.com I’ll be posting again next Saturday evening.


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