Another beginning.

Hey Folks,

It’s been a looooong time… there is reason for that.

2013 and the start of 2014 have been very hard for me.
The kind of year that makes your hands shake, turns your soul to jelly and makes you forget how to sleep.

There were several painful (literally and figuratively) life events over the course of a year, but worst of all my mother passed away.

This came as shock and it was very sudden and I could go on in detail about this last year… but I won’t.

This blog was never meant to be my journal or delve that deep into my personal life.
It’s about my art and games.

It’s been hard to keep focus and keep working on art regularly, but I am getting my head back on straight.

My plan is to begin updating on here again.
Some of these updates will be artwork related and others will just be about gaming/entertainment in general.

I’ll be updating each weekend on Saturday evenings.

I have been updating my portfolio site and I will continue to do so.


You can see my most current work here > CLICK ME <





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