T-Rex and Merc Updates

Hey Folks,

I have adjusted the Rex’s texture from my last update.

I’ve brightened the texture a lot and used a few tricks that my good friend Adam deGrandis showed me to add some variation.  I added a few details including a more detailed eye texture scoured from a crocodile and a komodo dragon.   The first draft of the  specular map has also been applied to the model.  I am pretty close to all this model done.

I also have been working on the Mercenary character.  Slowly adding more detail but nothing major yet.


Pictures below.

rexprogress41 rexprogress42 rexprogress43 rexprogress44 rexprogress45 rexprogress46 agent11 agent12 agent13 agent14 agent15 agent16See you on the 31st




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