T-Rex update and Mercenary

Hey Folks,

I have been working some more on my T-rex as well as a human figure.

I was able to successfully able to use the high poly mesh version of the T-rex that I sculpted in Mudbox to bake a normal map for the low poly version. After that I had to clean up a few errors in normal map with photoshop. I was also able to bake an ambient occlusion map for the high poly mesh. Now I am working on the texture and the specular map of the Rex. Currently I am tinkering with some color studies but there is much more work to do and nothing is finalized yet.

I have started working on a Mercenary character for now he is headless and very much a work in progress.

-Pictures Below-


rexprogress22 rexprogress25 rexprogress29 rexprogress30 rexprogress31agent06 agent07 agent08


I am sticking with the bi-weekly updates.

The next update will be on the 17th.

See you then.


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