100th Post

Well this, according to WordPress, is my 100th post.

While there are a few non-post posts in here that is still a lot of posts! I started this blog as a tool to keep me motivated and document my progress as 3D artist. While I am not really focused on being wildly popular on here I am still very happy with the amount of views and followers I have had.  I’ve had people from all over the world visit my page and see my art work. That’s pretty cool.

I am going to continue to post my work and keep pushing forward.

For those of you who visit my site… thank you for checking it out.

I’ve been spending time reading and watching videos on Mudbox sculpting techniques. I am still feeling out how to sculpt different kinds of surfaces in Mudbox, but I feel I making decent progress.

Below is a screenshot of the back of the Indoril helm.  I found it challenging to get smooth surfaces and hard edges in Mudbox.  I am slowly learning how to work with greater finesse to get more varied surfaces.

In progress Mudbox sculpt of the back of the helm.

See you next weekend.


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