Baking Delicious Normals

Hey Folks,

As it seems to always be the case… I am working on a few things at once.

I took the  high poly Indoril mask sculpt from last weekend and began to tinker with normal map baking some more. It took me a little while figure out how to properly configure the render settings to read the normal maps. I eventually figured it out… and I am very pleased with the result.

The gray mesh is High Poly (Over 400,000 polys) and the gold mesh is the low poly bake (a little over 400 polys)

Click Image to Enlarge

I am going to have to spend some more serious time forging and getting into the groove of a new work flow, but I am VERY much looking forward to more of this.  I am likely to continue to work on my version of this Indoril Helm from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.  It will provide me with something to practice on and as an added bonus I’ve be wanting to make one for these for a long time.

Click Image to Enlarge

See you next weekend.


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