More 2d with a dash of 3D

Well, I have yet to replaced my machine but It has continued to be stable.

So while I scrape money together and continue to look at part I am getting myself back to work.

Below is the second character in the duo that is Rense and Hassan. I am hoping to be modeling these characters in the very near future. This sketch is a bit more refined than my last. Admittedly, I am still getting used to drawing with a tablet but It feels pretty natural after a few minutes. I’ll have to start drawing again on a regular basis.

It has been agonizing not working in 3d for this long. I could feel my self getting rusty… I am so very thankful my machine is sable again. I found myself in Maya needing to brush the dust of my shoulders and do a bit of speed modeling. Below is an Indoril Helm from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I am planning to use it for an exercise and to practice a few new to me model techniques. Flexing those 3d muscles feels great!

A bit of a 3d sketch.

See you all next weekend.


-Also I am in the process of updating my Gallery.


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