Grand Theft Soul Reaver

Well, I’ve taken this week to work on my piece… well now pieces… for the video game themed art show “Bleep Bloop”.

While working on my Soul Reaver piece I kept glaring at my notes of other potential ideas for this show. I realized that I had a model sitting around that I never quite finished and would be perfect for a Grand Theft Auto themed work. It’s was a fairly old model but it would soon find new life. I pulled the file out of PC purgatory, dusted off and began to play around with the toon shaders. If nothing else this was great chance for me to fiddle with something new to me in Maya. I’ll continue to tweek my Grand Theft Auto 3 piece as I get closer to the due date but for now I am pleased with the results. I have a feeling this will make it into the show.

I also took some time to model the Elder God from the Legacy of Kain series. I wouldn’t say anyone of these assets are thier finished form but they roughed out enough for me to get a sense of the finial composition. I for see much work ahead on this one… that’s ok. Nothing new.

I also worked on that thing I still can’t tell you about yet… so yeah. I’ll give you a few hints, it’s collaborative and will surprise you.. if you ever see it.


See you next weekend.


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