Current, Project: Talon

Head Spinning.

I find myself feeling very busy as of late.

This seems both good and bad. On one hand I have been working on several projects and not feeling like I am stagnating. On the other hand my focus is split and I am not finishing things as soon as I would like. Thankfully I have my lists to keep me sane and on track… it’s just on a longer time line that I had originally planned.

Well, I’ve got three things this week. One is an update of the NPC for Project: Talon, still not quite done and is still missing his face but he’s shaping up pretty well and should be done soon.

The second is Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series. The model of Raziel is for a local video game themed art show that I intend to be a part of. I chose to work on Raziel because I was feeling inspired after completing the game Legacy of Kain: Defiance recently. (Didn’t grow up with PlayStation 2 so I am just getting to that era now. Very cool stuff!)

The third is some design/mockup work for a client to help rework a studio work space for a school.


Catch you next weekend!


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