Mudbox Fun

Hey Folks,

Well so far the SUV I have been working has done a very good job of driving me bonkers. It turns out that vehicles are a bit more difficult than I had realized… so I am still working out the kinks on that one. I’ll be sure to post the final on here when it is done.

Project: Talon continues to move forward… more on that later.

For now I have taken some time to work on some more personal projects

Below is a map of my D&D world crafted in Mudbox. This was a lot of fun to work on. To literally raise mountains, carve rivers and paint the landscape gave me a feeling I can’t quite describe. It might just be that whole GM god complex thing but It was really awesome to finally see it fleshed out like this.

I am really happy with this one.

My D&D world map (not really the whole planet, but you get the idea.)

I have started to use a Wacom tablet in my work. It has taken some time to get used to but these two projects have been good practice. I look forward to becoming more comfortable with it in the future.

Practicing with a Tablet Sculpting in Mudbox with a new base mesh. Lets call him Mr. Chin.

Well next weekend is Christmas so I can’t promise I am going to update.

I be sure to post it on my facebook if I do.

Anyway, see you again soon.


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