Slow week.

I am still adjusting to a new schedule along with taking some time to outline what I am working on and going to be working on… also gaming a bit more then I should be.

Reviewing my lists for Project: Talon and gearing up for more of that.

I have also been working on my D&D characters as well, but I am not as far as I’d hope to be this week.

I have re-painted Margon so he looks a bit healthier(check it out below) and have since moved on to Sephora, a human wizardess.

Currently Sephora is not in any presentable shape so no renders of her for now. (maybe mid-week update? I’d put my money on next weekend though.)

Working on these has been really therapeutic for me. It’s forcing me to try new things, explore new work flows and along with that consider other avenues for this medium than just video games. I am , however, still focused on the game industry as my near future goal.

Margan after some re-painting.

I’ll see you next weekend.


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