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Time Battle

I have had a few challenges to over come this week… mainly time management.

My day job recently shifted into ultra busy, making the time I have to work on my own work (including Project: Talon) hard to come by.

Thankfully I was able to over come it.

Check out my work below.

I have recently been asked a few questions about Project:Talon.

For now I’ll keep quiet about much of the game’s content because we are still working out what will and will not be in the final game. I really wouldn’t want to promise things and later not be able to deliver. What I can tell you is that Project: Talon will be a first person shooter set in the not too distant future. The game is being created with the Unity 3d game development tool, Maya and Photoshop.The goal is for us to make one fully playable level for this game and put it on the web for everyone to enjoy. If Project: Talon gains enough popularity or we find our selves wanting/or otherwise compelled to continue the game then we will finish it.

See you next weekend.


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