New Ground.

After a week and a half of painful exploration of software I have finally created something with both Mudbox and Maya.

I cannot say that I feel totally in control of this kind of work flow… I do, however, feel good about it.  My crash course back into the world of UV’s has really benefited me.  I did run into a few problems working on this but with some time and research I will be able to move past them.

For now Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop have been very useful tools.. even when connecting them all together proves challenging.

MoragTongFront Texture1
Morag Tong with first pass texture and normal map.

My Morrwoind Morag Tong assassin is still a work in progress.  I have details to hammer out;  some of which were mysteriously lost in transit between maya, mudbox and back to maya. (I am sure those are mapquest directions…)

I have props to model and textures to do for those too.

Morag Tong in progress from the side.

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