UV? Couldn’t be.

This week has been filled with a bit more reading and research than actual progress.

I have been more or less relearning how to UV map. It came to my attention within the past few months that I had been doing it wrong. At least as far as normal maps are concerned. So far things are going well, but they are not quite at the point I would like them to be.

Morag Tong Basic Color
Morag Tong basic color scheme

This week I have been hashing out the details on my Morag Tong assassin. I am still debating on a hair style.  For now I am considering updating a hair style from Morrowind and using it for this character. I have taken the time to model the helmet (I was compelled by unseen forces) from the concept art which I will most likely use in additional renders.  I have placed some basic shaders on the model to get an idea of the general color scheme and materiel.

Looks like I will focusing on a bit more texturing then I have recently.

Also, I have been poking my head around the Half-Life 2 SDK again… maybe something will come of it?


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