Pushing Buttons.. MOAR!

I have been busy this week.

I have been Working on several projects at one time. This has given me some much need breathing time while working. I can, as needed, go from one to the other. Allowing me to think more about what I am doing…  something I should do more often.

My Morrowind Dark Elf Morag Tong assassin is shaping out well, and I am enjoying the process. The original concept art was a bit of a challenge to work with but has proved very useful. Currently I am undecided about having the character wear the same helmet as the one in the concept art. I think seeing a bit of the face would be more interesting, so I will most likely be continuing without the helm. That leaves me to figure out what kind of hair this person has…

Morag Tong Alec
More work on my Morag Tong Assassin model (Currently 5104 faces)

I have also been working on a project with a friend of mine. All I will say for the time being is that it involves firearms. I have been looking at a lot gun models recently and have taken the time to re-evaluate how I make them. Also in a book I am reading the author speaks in great detail about modeling one. Honestly I chose this weapon for two reasons. 1) it fits the look of the project we are working on. 2) it’s a relatively simple shape for me to practice new techniques on.

Currently I have not textured it but I have thrown on some shaders to help me decide how it will look when it is.

Glock Model untextured
Glock 17-ish. With stand in shaders in place. (around 800 faces, still needs cleaning)

Recently my Minecraft addiciton has been gnawing at my soul. Thankful it inspired me to make this.

It’s my idea of what the fish mob could look like in Minecraft (at this time it is not in the game). Also I took the time to send this image to the creator of Minecraft, Notch.

Honestly I was quite nervous to send this out. I tend to get a little jittery when send my work out for people in the video game industry to look at. It’s kind of an irrational fear and one I am working on destroying.

Just sending this out to Notch, whether he sees it or not, has helped me take another step forward in not being afraid.

Minecraft Fish Concept (not official)

More Mudbox practice.

50 minute speed sculpt.


See you next weekend.


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