*head explode*

This week has been… awesome!

I feel like I’ve learned more this week then I have in the last couple of years. I have started emailing people who work in the video game industry and meeting with other more local 3d modelers. I have also went to Massachusetts to watch a presentation on Zbrush and normal mapping work flow.

I got a chance to speak with the presenter Britt Snyder.

His words helped reaffirm my interest in becoming a 3D modeler for games.

I met several other people while I was there, each one providing me with nearly an overload of idea to contemplate.  Now that I have more solid direction in which to focus I have since begun reading several manuals to help me grow in skill.

That with all of the great advice I have received via email I am going to set down my Jurassic Park project. While the project was a great crash course I believe it is time to move on to other ideas and to continue refining my skill. I will be moving on to smaller project and try tackling the issues brought up by my peers.

See you next weekend.


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