Axe to the Grind.

This week…

I have been polishing the human figure a little more along with giving him a new weight map for the 3rd time.  Trying to pull all of these elements together into a cohesive project has proven difficult . I seem to have gone over board in some areas and in other areas I seem to have done the opposite.

I put a lot of time into parts of the project that are only in the final animation for a few seconds and not enough time on parts that will be the primary scene.  This the first real animation project I have worked on in a long while and within it are things I have not really attempted before as well.  I still feel good about the project, I just need to stick with what was in my original notes.

Raptor Surprise

See you next weekend.


Quick Side note: I added a new page and posted a few links to some cool people and or things. (I’ll add more over time)


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