Well, hello there.

This week has been very productive.

Raptors in a Pose
Raptors with bones and weight maps.

I have spent a lot of time hammering out more of the props and working on textures. It’s been time consuming but thankfully I love this stuff and I recently gained a little more free time (I consider this good and bad). This week the raptors received a nice shiny new set of bones. This was really exciting to finally see. Even just having them posed gives the creature so much more life then the simple static base pose.

Raptors Posed2
Another angle of the Raptors.

Along with their new bones, I also gave them a few simple blend shapes. This provides them the ability to sneer, blink.. well not much more then that, I did say simple.  I’ll be working on it more over time.

Raptors Agressive.

Another issue, if some of you are asking. “Hey Alec, don’t you know raptors had feathers!?” I’ll respond as briefly as I can. The raptors in the Jurassic Park movies did not. Technically the raptors in the movies were a hybrid of fossilized dinosaur DNA and the DNA of a west African frog. That kind of hybridization would produce a new creature; and this new creature would have new attributes such as a lack of feathers.

Also the raptors in the movies were very interesting movie monsters and not necessarily the most scientifically accurate representations of the 3ft tall feathered Velociraptors.

Textured Props
A few props I have recently textured.
Warehouse Prop
"Warehouse" One of a series of abandoned buildings that will be in the finial project.
Warehouse Interior
Warehouse Interior
Rubble Building
"Rubble Building" Background element.
"Wrecked" Much inspired by Fallout 3.
Delivery Truck
Version one of a truck prop. I am probably going to remake this.

Big Post, Anyway…

I also posted something in my 3D Sketch Pad.

See you Next Weekend.


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