It’s been a weird week. Update on a FRIDAY??

I spend the week working on my texturing, tweaking my models and drawing out more ideas for this project.

Primarily over this week I have been focused on the human figure for this project. For just brief moment I felt a block as I was working; hence the lack of update on Monday. I was able to shake this feeling by taking some time to look at my older work and reminded myself that I am improving; improvement is progress and progress is good.


Project Character
The details are coming together.


The character is not finished, but it is on it’s way there. I will be over the course of this project tweaking, adding and reshaping all of these models until I am satisfied enough to call it done. As I have a very loose deadline I can afford to do this, however,  I do have a deadline. The work I want to present will be more refined then my previous work and besides that…I LOVE working in this medium.


Project Character2
Overall View of the Human Character (Behind him is his Backpack,not sure if I am going to keep it)


Expect another update Sunday… I promise.