Picking up steam

I’ve had some fun over this week.

Raptor Creep

Lots of research and trial and error. I have worked on bump mapping before but it always felt a little slap-dash to me. This past week I took it upon myself to refine my practice. Normally in my work flow I have tended to create the color map and then the bump map. It dawned on me while thinking about my work flow that I was working in a counter intuitive way. Working like that was somewhat backwards, akin to painting a sculpture before you are done sculpting it.

Raptor and Props
Raptor and some props
Raptor bump progress
Raptor bump map in progress (no Color map)

With that in mind I begin painting by… mouse (I really should buy a Wacom tablet)  the bump map from my raptor.  So far I feel that this is a much better flow for my work. The flesh feels more alive then some of my previous work. This project greatly dwarfs the older raptor project I created about three years ago (so much so I’d be embarrassed to post images of it). There are still some kinks that need to be worked on but that is simply the nature of the work. The human figure is still a work in progress. Expect to see more of him next weekend and perhaps more props as well.

Overall Raptor
Overall view of Raptor
Raptor Side View
Raptor Side View

Catch you next weekend.


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