Desks, Computers and Filing Cabinets, OH MY!

Today was a busy day, but as promised here are a few props.

Props for my current project.

They didn’t take long to create individually, but as a whole it was a good chunk of time (at least while working a full time job). It’s nice to see them all in one space and given at least a little more context then mere polygonal structures free floating in a gray void. As I work I am looking forward more and more to the end result and what that will become.

I have been plotting out my UV layout for these two characters. I’ll at least have one of these characters textured by next weekend when I update.

I know things have been a little dodgy this past weekend (and today) but I am sure I will be updating each weekend unless something out of my control happens or I go on vacation.

See you this weekend!


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