Alec Adams 3D

Long time, no post.

Well now is the time for change.

In keeping with tradition, I don’t have a whole lot of new finished work. I am of course intending to fix that.

After working on a recent project for my grand mother, who reached her 77th birthday last month and talking with some very cool people I have decided to get my ass in gear.

I have recently spent some time getting to know our friendly Source Engine editor Hammer. I have had a few brief encounters with this powerful program those few times ended in hilarious shameful failure.  This time, however, with the help of both youtube and hammer’s wikia page I actually manage get things moving.  I made a simple test level in Valves wonderful FREE game Alien Swarm. (check out the link below)

Me learning

Somethings Happening!

I have also taken the time to break out a few anatomy books and begin work on low poly basic human figures to later build off of. This would make my work flow go a bit smoother rather then starting from scratch each time I want to model a figure. I know, I know. working from scratch will help me learn. These models are basic human forms, I will continue to work on them as I re-purpose them for other projects.

Base figure Screen Capture

I’ll be posting once a week, Saturday.

See you then.